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Lady Gaga Wonderbread Cap

I don’t know why I didn’t blog about this sooner but I love the cap Lady Gaga is wearing in her “Telephone” video. I think this style is so now. Lady Gaga is exquisite in her taste for a combination of structural/architecturally inspired accessories and clothing, I would even say this particular piece is very industrial design influenced. Take a look.

I think this is where the future of fashion will go, into more industrial pieces for both men and women, with clothing made from unexpected materials and objects or using silhouettes from surprising everyday things. This trend has become popular in furniture for the past few years.



The opening of my gallery is one week away! Hope you can make it!

Event info is here 🙂

Very cool goggles

John Filipe won the goggle competition for the 2010 Winter Olympics. John is from Portugal and his adaptation of the British flag won him the reward.

Talenthouse Goggle winner

So happy and so grateful! :D

Good things are happening in my life thanks to my networking and social media efforts. I’d like to thank everyone who’s developed Facebook, Twitter, e-mail, everyone to help my life more rewarding and fulfilling.

I am now a promoter as well as an intern at Gallery 212 and Magedman Modern…more info on this later…my life feels more complete as I can combine my passions for business with art+design. I love it 😀

Philippe Starck’s Chair: Ghostbuster

I’ve seen this chair before on Philippe Starck’s website, but I really like it. Philippe had this produced in 2009. I love its shape, I think boxy and cube-like is very futuristic and we will have more chairs done in this shape in the coming years. Clear and transparent material has been in for a while, especially since Philippe has done his Louis Ghost Chair. Philippe never ceases to amaze me.

Can be found here:

OCC Designer Alliance

The new club at school is working out swimmingly 🙂

I anticipate our first meeting to happen next Tuesday on the 29th.

We have most major positions filled.