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Americanization and High Consumption Culture

This topic was inspired by the book I was reading last night by Thomas J. Stanley PhD and something something Danko PhD

It’s called The Millionaire Next Door

As a second generation American myself, I could relate to the ethnic breakdown analysis

According to this book, first generation Americans are very entrepreneurial, start their own businesses, but when they pass on “new” values to their kids, they instill values of not as being so entrepreneurial, encouraging them to go to college, get degrees, and live a “high consumption lifestyle” as people with degrees and a good education tend to have certain material acquisitions.

This is very true in my case, with both of my parents from the Phillipines, they both worked really hard, maybe harder than my sister or I will ever work. My dad’s been with the Post Office for more than 25+ years and has always been extremely frugal. My mom came from more of a privileged family and never understood or cared to be frugal. My mom, however, has been self-employed for a while, fitting the description the book mentioned. But my mom never encouraged self-employment despite my interest in entrepreneurship.

Both of my parents encouraged school, and getting a job, where both are not paths to “creating your own path” in life if you will.

According to the book and their research, over 2/3 of millionaires in America are self-employed.

If this is where the money is, how come we don’t live in a culture where self-employment and entrepreneurship is encouraged to the norm?


Halfway through Ryan Allis’ book

Halfway through Ryan Allis’ book now. It’s really good. Going to look up and bookmark the resources he recommended in the back of it soon.

Ryan Allis and his book

Ryan Allis is amazing for giving what he does back to the community. He’s really forward thinking and wants to help the world move to a better condition.

His book is so informative and I’m learning so much from him.

So happy and so grateful! :D

Good things are happening in my life thanks to my networking and social media efforts. I’d like to thank everyone who’s developed Facebook, Twitter, e-mail, everyone to help my life more rewarding and fulfilling.

I am now a promoter as well as an intern at Gallery 212 and Magedman Modern…more info on this later…my life feels more complete as I can combine my passions for business with art+design. I love it 😀

Awesome vid

90 Day Challenge Day 2

Hello all,

Today is my 90 Day challenge, I am building my wealth, legacy, leadership, and welness today through a couple of things. I hung out with Brent who is a great graphic designer I know who actually happened to go to the same school I went to in Florence, Italy, kind of bizarre, but normal in this day and age. I am continuing to build relationships with designers like him as well as hopefully other designers I may want to work with/collaborate with in the future. Brent became assistant organizer today of Orange County Designer Alliance, a group uniting designers throughout Orange County, California. I had a talk with ASSOC, they are the associated body of Orange Coast College in charge of the start-up clubs. I have the officer form and the club form to start a new club at OCC. I will be starting the OCC Designer Alliance and will be combining groups in and out of school to create an even bigger community. Hopefully we can contribute to the community someway or somehow and improve life through our talents as a collective effort.