How People Perceive You

After taking my Typography class, which was one of the best classes of my life, I’ve learned about thins from my teacher, Mr. Hanson’s perspective.

How people perceive you can have a total effect on your attitude. I struggle with this all the time, and try to find and keep people in my life who get me. Although I understand communicating is the responsibility of the communicator.

Now that I’m a second quarter Industrial Design Major, I would like to focus my energies on this and post in relation to my career and also to my other interests. If I ever start another business, I am debating whether to use this domain, for my business or to keep it for my blog. I guess I’ll decide on that later…

I’m getting tired of making $9-$10 an hour…I feel I’m at the point where I truly do deserve better. I want to start saving more and help more people around the world and locally too. So much to do in life…


One response to “How People Perceive You

  1. Hi Chris,
    Sounds like your burnt out!!! Always enjoy seeing your blogs!!!
    Take Care,
    Debbie Orr

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