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Added WordPress to my iPhone

I just added WordPress to my iPhone. Maybe I will be able to add more entries now while being busy in my everyday life…we shall see.

I wonder what sacrifices are too be made by updating via a phone instead of a computer. Anyway I’m almost done with my winestopper. I think I will be back on track with work and school this week.


How People Perceive You

After taking my Typography class, which was one of the best classes of my life, I’ve learned about thins from my teacher, Mr. Hanson’s perspective.

How people perceive you can have a total effect on your attitude. I struggle with this all the time, and try to find and keep people in my life who get me. Although I understand communicating is the responsibility of the communicator.

Now that I’m a second quarter Industrial Design Major, I would like to focus my energies on this and post in relation to my career and also to my other interests. If I ever start another business, I am debating whether to use this domain, for my business or to keep it for my blog. I guess I’ll decide on that later…

I’m getting tired of making $9-$10 an hour…I feel I’m at the point where I truly do deserve better. I want to start saving more and help more people around the world and locally too. So much to do in life…

Bills Bills Bills

Paying bills…part of growing up I guess…

I feel like for the last few months that’s all I’ve been worrying about…although I save a lot of money by still living at home…I get overwhelmed with the amount of credit card debt I got myself into…and more student loan debt to come!

I can’t wait till I make enough money so this won’t be as much of an issue!

I miss the days when my parents paid for everything

I miss you blog

Oh Bloggy, I haven’t given you any attention lately… I must reconnect with you and show you some love in the near future 😉

Waking up early

I literally just woke up and it’s 7:21am,

Waking up at 7am or even before, I didn’t really do since middle school in marching band…

The way Ai is set up is kind of like high school or elementary school, and was talking about that with a new friend

I feel like in high school you feel really productive because class is everyday and the scheduling is set up for minimal break time.

When you get post high school, things change and you’re schedule is more free.

Anyway I’m obsessed with being productive so now I must read a couple of pages of Getting Things Done and then finishing more homework or at least getting familiar with what’s due

Time management and Books

I’m really taking advantage of the Art Institute’s Library…I love it…not only do they have a good mix of fashion design, product design, interior design + more books, they also carry business books which is perfect

Aside from those books, I’m reading The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson which I bought off of Amazon, I love Amazon

This book has already given me helpful tips to apply to my life, reinforcing the fact of working on the details of your life to make your life better and more successful in the long term, something most people don’t do

I need to manage my time better (I always say this) so I plan on dedicating two days, most likely Tuesday and Wednesday, possibly Saturday too, to really focus on my homework and tasks

First Week of School

First Days, First Weeks of School are always awkward, and in my mind at least, seem more exciting in my mind than they turn out to be

My ideal first week of school is that I’d befriend so many people, go to a bunch of parties, and have a blast

In my reality, they tend to be awkward, you talk about yourself a lot in class, and your background, and why you’re there

Just like in high school, groups form and are stronger than others

Today, we made a bridge as part of the Portfolio Foundations class, this was pretty cool and got to meet more people I had already seen in other classes a little more formally. With 2,000 kids that go to my school, it’s impossible to keep tabs on them all, but it’s always cool to meet new people.

People like meeting new people because people add freshness, twists, and yes, even excitement to one’s own life. When you have common ground with someone, yet someone is different enough it can be exciting to get to know them. Maybe the way they think complements your style of thinking and it creates something cool. Or maybe you just relate to that person entirely, or maybe the only thing connecting you are your interests of study, which really can mean a lot.

As I found out in many other paths I’ve taken in life, many of us new to the Industrial Design Program have very similar backgrounds, which is somewhat relieving, and also cool, yet ice still has to be broken.

Anyway, I’ve committed to being proactive at Ai and have spoken to many of the directors/advisors in most departments either online or offline already. I love how there are so many labs where I can use the MACs as I don’t have a MAC at home…it’s so comforting and awesome, and this school definitely has some great resources compared to other schools I’ve been to.

Cheerio for today!