Chris is a 22 year-old entrepreneur. Chris started renting out his Super Nintendo game to his grandma’s (Lola Ling) piano students growing up.  Lola Ling had a few students going to their house weekly. Chris would rent his games out for $6 for the week upon which they were expected to return them the following week for their next lesson with his grandma.

Chris is interested in design, especially furniture and interior design and started his own company in mid-2009, Edgy Design by chris. Chris would love to create and model his design ambition and work after Philippe Starck, Candace Olson, and IDEO.

Chris resides in Orange County, California and loves networking with ambitious, inspired people and is really getting into the 2.0 scene.

“Design your way out of any problem.”

-Chris Sicam


3 responses to “About

  1. Hey Chris !
    What a great goal and motivational concept. I have had so many furniture ideas in the past. I have no formal interior design training, just innovation within me.
    I am a consulting Mechanical Design Engineer, and would like to be a part of your future.

  2. I really believe that you will become a “big thing” in the very near future

  3. Thanks Mahmoud! I hope so 🙂

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