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The opening of my gallery is one week away! Hope you can make it!

Event info is here 🙂


Haven’t blogged in a while…I know

I feel guilty for not blogging, I want to at least post new content every other day but sometimes I get distracted!

I love writing. I love it because it’s a medium where I can fully express myself, especially in blogging. I really don’t know who’s reading this but if you are, something about me must have interested you in some way which is really cool! So the fact of even having a blog filters out people who wouldn’t care about what I have to say…and I don’t want them anyway! Jk

Blogging allows me to rant, be more of myself, and express myself in ways I don’t get to or won’t in real life.

Tonight I went to the Re-Invention of You guys should really check it out. Chrissy Gray who is the founder is a solid contact of mine who I am fortunate to have met.

At 22, I feel myself bombarded and thinking about what I really truly am going to do with my life. As my blog states, I love business, I love creating, and I also love design, and innovative thinking. I always admired creators of brand new things…things that take guts to create, things that one must truly believe in because others will most likely not believe them, ideas that you have to FIGHT for to make a reality. So many things around us are designed and invented that we take them for granted. I take passion in exposing the stories behind those things.

What things in life are you passionate about? How do you spend your free time? Since when did you know your passions? Why are you passionate about them? What’s your story? What’s your career, interest, and passion story?

Technique for Producing Ideas

This book is excellent and I highly highly recommend it.

I finished it under 2 hours taking notes. I have discovered the greatness of my school library and it’s great to have access to some books pre-1990 because some great treasures can be found.

I recommend this book to ALL people…especially creatives, I think this would help designers, scientists, entrepreneurs, and artists + others!

Tap into your creative potential and discover this great technique.