Waking up early

I literally just woke up and it’s 7:21am,

Waking up at 7am or even before, I didn’t really do since middle school in marching band…

The way Ai is set up is kind of like high school or elementary school, and was talking about that with a new friend

I feel like in high school you feel really productive because class is everyday and the scheduling is set up for minimal break time.

When you get post high school, things change and you’re schedule is more free.

Anyway I’m obsessed with being productive so now I must read a couple of pages of Getting Things Done and then finishing more homework or at least getting familiar with what’s due


2 responses to “Waking up early

  1. Hey there Chris…I hear you!!! I love being up early too but it’s all mind over mattress that is so difficult. Let me know how that goes for you! Take care…Debbie Orr

  2. I’ve enjoyed reading your posts. I was particularly struck with this one about getting up early.

    For me, if I could possibly just sleep until 7:21 I’d be thrilled. My experience (and that of many people my age – I’m 50) is that starting in our 30s we slowly started getting up earlier, and earlier.

    I’ve not used an alarm and I wake up at about 5 am every morning now. For me, I want to start sleeping in later. 🙂

    Keep blogging.

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