Time management and Books

I’m really taking advantage of the Art Institute’s Library…I love it…not only do they have a good mix of fashion design, product design, interior design + more books, they also carry business books which is perfect

Aside from those books, I’m reading The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson which I bought off of Amazon, I love Amazon

This book has already given me helpful tips to apply to my life, reinforcing the fact of working on the details of your life to make your life better and more successful in the long term, something most people don’t do

I need to manage my time better (I always say this) so I plan on dedicating two days, most likely Tuesday and Wednesday, possibly Saturday too, to really focus on my homework and tasks


First Week of School

First Days, First Weeks of School are always awkward, and in my mind at least, seem more exciting in my mind than they turn out to be

My ideal first week of school is that I’d befriend so many people, go to a bunch of parties, and have a blast

In my reality, they tend to be awkward, you talk about yourself a lot in class, and your background, and why you’re there

Just like in high school, groups form and are stronger than others

Today, we made a bridge as part of the Portfolio Foundations class, this was pretty cool and got to meet more people I had already seen in other classes a little more formally. With 2,000 kids that go to my school, it’s impossible to keep tabs on them all, but it’s always cool to meet new people.

People like meeting new people because people add freshness, twists, and yes, even excitement to one’s own life. When you have common ground with someone, yet someone is different enough it can be exciting to get to know them. Maybe the way they think complements your style of thinking and it creates something cool. Or maybe you just relate to that person entirely, or maybe the only thing connecting you are your interests of study, which really can mean a lot.

As I found out in many other paths I’ve taken in life, many of us new to the Industrial Design Program have very similar backgrounds, which is somewhat relieving, and also cool, yet ice still has to be broken.

Anyway, I’ve committed to being proactive at Ai and have spoken to many of the directors/advisors in most departments either online or offline already. I love how there are so many labs where I can use the MACs as I don’t have a MAC at home…it’s so comforting and awesome, and this school definitely has some great resources compared to other schools I’ve been to.

Cheerio for today!

New Educational Goals

Had my orientation at Ai, and wanted to reinforce to myself later that I think I made a good decision about choosing Ai, I already like the energy of the rest of the industrial kids

Industrial Design combines all of my interests in design, hands-on work, engineering, business, and more and teh fact that it’s such a versatile degree is awesome, as someday I might want to do stuff for fashion and interiors again.

Educational Goals:

3.5-3.8 GPA, going to say 3.8 to be safe so I can at least get honors
Build a relationship and support system with faculty
Get good grades so I can start tutoring at Ai for even more money on the side
Work with faculty to build an awesome portfolio
Find an internship by sophomore/junior year
Find stable employment and sincerely considere my career options thereafter

I’m excited to start school next week!
I’m excite

Americanization and High Consumption Culture

This topic was inspired by the book I was reading last night by Thomas J. Stanley PhD and something something Danko PhD

It’s called The Millionaire Next Door

As a second generation American myself, I could relate to the ethnic breakdown analysis

According to this book, first generation Americans are very entrepreneurial, start their own businesses, but when they pass on “new” values to their kids, they instill values of not as being so entrepreneurial, encouraging them to go to college, get degrees, and live a “high consumption lifestyle” as people with degrees and a good education tend to have certain material acquisitions.

This is very true in my case, with both of my parents from the Phillipines, they both worked really hard, maybe harder than my sister or I will ever work. My dad’s been with the Post Office for more than 25+ years and has always been extremely frugal. My mom came from more of a privileged family and never understood or cared to be frugal. My mom, however, has been self-employed for a while, fitting the description the book mentioned. But my mom never encouraged self-employment despite my interest in entrepreneurship.

Both of my parents encouraged school, and getting a job, where both are not paths to “creating your own path” in life if you will.

According to the book and their research, over 2/3 of millionaires in America are self-employed.

If this is where the money is, how come we don’t live in a culture where self-employment and entrepreneurship is encouraged to the norm?

The World Cup – bringing the world together

I’ve mentioned before on Facebook I don’t really follow sports

However, when you work at a restaurant, you can’t help but be surrounded by it. Recently I’ve watched more World Cup and soccer games in the past month than I have in my entire life.

I feel very present and aware of what’s been happening because all of my coworkers love sports, especially soccer because a lot of them are Hispanic/Latino

So Germany and Spain are playing today. We’ll see who emerges as the champions.

The last sport I was really into was basketball, and that was long ago in elementary school. Either way, Go Germany!

Lady Gaga Wonderbread Cap

I don’t know why I didn’t blog about this sooner but I love the cap Lady Gaga is wearing in her “Telephone” video. I think this style is so now. Lady Gaga is exquisite in her taste for a combination of structural/architecturally inspired accessories and clothing, I would even say this particular piece is very industrial design influenced. Take a look.

I think this is where the future of fashion will go, into more industrial pieces for both men and women, with clothing made from unexpected materials and objects or using silhouettes from surprising everyday things. This trend has become popular in furniture for the past few years.

Blogging + Individualism

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